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St. Francis Healthcare Foundation Receives Donation $1 Million from Nan, Inc.

Hospitals, healthcare centers, and nursing skilled facilities are important establishments in our community. They serve as a necessary hub for the entering and passing of life. Few people recognize this in a significant way until they are in need of hospital care or a loved one in need of 24-hour medical attention.

When the population of a community changes, the need for a hospital sometimes changes and that’s what happened with St. Francis Healthcare. St. Francis was originally a hospital, but has since changed to a private nursing facility. This was a much needed change in the Liliha area of Honolulu in which it services.

One person who acknowledges the gravity of hospitals and healthcare centers in communities is Nan Chul (Patrick) Shin, founder of Nan, Inc. Nan Chul Shin gave a gift of $1 million to St. Francis Medical Center. Part of the reason for this generous gift, wasNan Chul Shin’s acknowledgement that St. Francis played a vital role in the health and well-being of his mother, Yun Sun Shin, when she needed dialysis treatments and her final times. Nan Chul Shin understands the challenges of adult children who need to care for their parents because he’s been through it himself. When he faced these challenges, St. Francis was a support for him.

Nan Chul Shin commented whole-heartedly that St. Francis was a special place to him and that he has great hope that his gift will be able to assist St. Francis in continuing their good work.

t. Francis says it will use the gift to create a 119-bed facility for skilled nurses. It will be called Clarence T.C. Ching Villas on the St. Francis Liliha campus. It will be located in the Sullivan building on the third, fourth, and fifth floors. The Sullivan building was previously a hospital. The new facility features private and semi-private rooms. This is a different from many other nursing homes in Hawaii, which usually have four guests per room. More than half of the suites in the
Clarence T.C. Ching Villas are private rooms, some of which offer panoramic view of the Honolulu skyline and view of Nuuanu valley. This facility is intended for patients who are discharged from hospitals and need a short-term rehabilitation before returning home. The environment is meant to be vibrant and healing, which each floor highlighting a different Oahu neighborhood: North Shore, Waikiki, and Chinatown.

Other contributors to this project were The Clarence T.C. Ching Foundation, State of Hawaii, Jack & Marie Lord Fund, Atherton Family Foundation, First Hawaiian Bank Foundation, City & County of Honolulu, Island Insurance Foundation, and Central Pacific Bank Foundation.
The St. Francis staff was touched that Nan Chul Shin was so generous in his donation. St. Francis is aware that Nan, Inc. Foundation, supported by Nan, Inc. was the only private non-bank company to contribute to greatly to St. Francis for this expansion. This fact was not lost on St. Francis’ president.

Sister William Marie Eleniki, OSF, St. Francis Healthcare Foundation of Hawaii president said, “This generous gift was Patrick’s way of giving back to the community to show his appreciation. It’s always heartwarming to hear how St. Francis is making a difference in people’s lives.

This is the first $1 million dollar donation to a major healthcare group made by Nan, Inc. Nan Chul Shin has also donated $1 million to the Kapiolani Medical Center.