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Short Biography of Nan Chul Shin

Many know him as Patrick Shin, but he was born in South Korea as a Nan Chul Shin. Shin is the founder of Nan, Inc. one of the largest building companies in Hawaii.

Nan Chul Shin, like many immigrants, asked to be called the more American friendly name of Patrick because he hoped to fit into the American landscape when he first moved to the United States. But as his company, Nan, Inc. soared to success, Nan Chul Shin has become more comfortable using his Korean given name.

Shin’s company, Nan, Inc., has had a meteoritic rise to success. It grew from a one-man business in 1990 to over 500 employees in 2010.

Who is this person behind Nan, Inc., one of the most successful locally owned contracting business in Hawaii?

Nan Chul Shin grew up in South Korea in a one-bedroom home with his brothers and sisters, and mother and father. Knowing he wanted to move to the US, Shin eventually went on to live with his older brother in the Bronx, New York where he helped his brother in his brother’s fish business.

While living in New York, Shin was offered a scholarship to Bowling Green State University for soccer. It was an amazing opportunity that Shin knew he had to take. In fact, because of his scholarship in soccer, Shin has also contributed to Hawaii Pacific University for their soccer program. At Bowling Green State University, Shin went on to major in business administration. Without the soccer scholarship, however, Shin admits he would not have been able to go to college.

After college, Shin came to Hawaii and initially worked as laborer for a construction company before starting his own two years later. The rest, they say, is history.

Nan Chul Shin’s company, Nan, Inc. has an incredible capacity to build in Hawaii. Nan, Inc. does new construction, renovations of historic buildings, office and administrative facilities, warehouses, multi-family facilities, USGBC LEED certified facilities, road and highway construction, civil utility construction, and Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection construction.

Nan, Inc., has handled more than 2,500 engineering and construction projects. Their excellent record is reflected in the awards they have won over the years.

It is quite a feat that Nan, Inc. has gone international as there are now offices in Guam as well as Maui, Hawaii island, and of course, Oahu.

Recently, Nan, Inc. has been recognized as one of the top earning contracting business in the state of Hawaii. All of this due to Nan Chul Shin’s work ethic and business pragmatism.

Besides being a clever business mind, he is also a well-known philanthropist giving to programs such as University of Hawaii, St. Francis Healthcare System, Hawaii Pacific University, and has supported schools and orphanages in Cambodia and Bangladesh. These are just of the few institutions and programs that he’s lent his financial support. Part of what makes Shin so incredible is his capacity to give back to the community at home and abroad.