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Sherry Shin Writes About her Father, Nan Chul Shin, while Completing a Service Project

Sherry Shin, daughter of Nan Chul Shin, founder of Nan, Inc. writes movingly about her experience with a service project in Cambodia to build additions to Bayon Middle School in Siem Reap, a city famous for the great temples of Angkor Wat. Sherry Shin movingly captures the experience of working with others for the greater good.

Sherry Shin was there in Cambodia because her father’s company, Nan, Inc. had donated $150,000 the help build the additions that were sorely need at the school. While Sherry Shin explains the moving way in which she was affected by the people she met on this trip, and the gratitude she has for life in Hawaii, she also reveals about Nan Chul Shin’s childhood.

She writes, "Similar to the people in Cambodia, my father lived a harsh life in Korea as a child. His family of ten was extremely poor, and he grew up living in a small mud shack, similar to those I saw in Cambodia."

She goes on further, "My father gives to others because he was once that person living in poverty. This trip has definitely humbled me and made me appreciate and want to honor the journey that my father took to get to where he is today."