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Nan, Inc. Largest Locally Owned General Contractor in Hawaii

Hawaii takes pride in local companies, but no local company seems to have as much success as Nan, Inc. Last year Nan, Inc. founded by Nan Chul Shin, often called Patrick Shin, had its 25th birthday.

Nan, Inc. started in 1990 with just Mr. Shin and one laborer. With a hard work ethic, ingenuity, and perseverance, Mr. Shin grew his business to the largest locally owned general contracting business in Hawaii. Mr. Shin acknowledges this was due in part to his staff and workers who sacrificed and put forth great effort to contribute to Nan, Inc.’s immense growth. Nan, Inc. now has more than 400 employees spanning throughout Hawaii, Guam, and the Kwajalein Atoll.

The mission of Nan, Inc. is to exceed client expectations and gain client trust with the goal to sustain positive relationships. President of Nan, Inc., Fooney Freestone, writes, “Our creed is that we would not exist without our customers; this commitment has allowed Nan, Inc. to gain popularity in the construction community and has made us one of the most favorable contractors to work with. As we are locally owned and operated, we believe that with our unique experience, resources, and teamwork, we are able to provide quality services not only in the public works area but also in the private and hospitality sectors as well.”

It seems that Nan, Inc. has been doing just what the set out to do more than 25 years ago. The next 25 years is sure to show even more growth for this locally owned, Hawaii-based company.