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Nan, Inc. and Hawaii Food Bank

Food and shelter are necessities that we all need to survive. Luckily, here in Hawaii we are fortunate to have a Hawaii Food Bank that is able to get much need supplies to families in need.

Since 2008, Nan, Inc. has created an Annual Food Drive to bring in cash and food donations to the Hawaii Foodbank in order to assist local families in need. This spirit of giving is at the center of Nan, Inc.’s business philosophy. In fact, the origins of Nan, Inc. matching employee donations began when a few employee decided to start a small food drive.

The yearly spirit of giving and giving back to the community fuels a competitive streak between various Nan, Inc. departments and job sites. In fact, employees have been known to seek ingenious ways to take advantage of the company’s dollar for canned good policy by checking local Sunday papers to see which grocery stores were giving the best deals for canned goods. This way a $1 paid by the employee would bring in 3, 4, or even 5 canned goods for the Hawaii Foodbank. This type of dedication to winning as well as making the most money for the Foodbank, is what Nan, Inc. employees strive to do not only because they are competitive, but also because they believe in being charitable.