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Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transit - Airport Section Utilities

Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transit - Airport Section UtilitiesOne exciting sector of work that Nan, Inc. has recently entered into is construction on Honolulu’s Rail Transit System. Nan, Inc. was awarded the Airport Section Utilities Project Contract on August 2014 for $28 million and construction began in January 2015. The project is to relocate utilities in preparation for the new guideway for the Airport Section.

The project included the relocation of 7700 linear feet (LF) of wet utilities and 5750 LF of communication, street lighting, and power duct banks through Navy, State DOT Highways, State DOT Airports, City & County of Honolulu Parks & Recreations, HART, and other Private Right of Ways.

Included in the wet utility relocations were 1600 LF of 24” water line, 380 LF of 30” water line, and over 1400 LF of 18-24” Sewer Line. The most challenging work on the project was the sewer line which required excavation to depths ranging from 5’ to 20’ on Kamehameha Highway, and involved replacing a manhole that collects the flows from 3 separate lines. The manhole is 20 feet deep and requires the 24 hour bypassing of these lines for construction.

Included in the communication and power duct banks are lines belonging to Hawaiian Telcom, AT&T, Verizon Federal, Oceanic Time Warner Cable, and the Navy. The procedure requires a significant amount of work and coordination to move over the services.

The majority of the project is along Kamehameha Highway from Arizona Place to Center Drive. One of the biggest challenges of working through this corridor was the limited lane closure hours due to traffic considerations. This was made even more difficult with issues with acquiring the Community Noise Variance to allow for night work. HART would only allow single lane closures for a very limited time during the day shift. Nan was able to work with HART to provide workable traffic control plans to provide a reasonable amount of working hours and working space on the road, in spite of not having a workable Community Noise Variance.

Another challenge has been dealing with a number of differing site conditions including utilities not being where it was shown, soft soils, unforeseen utility crossings, and the condition of the existing utilities. Nan has been working cooperatively with HART and the Navy to work through these conditions. One interesting differing site condition was the discovery of an existing earth utility tunnel while locating the existing utilities. The tunnel had been dug under 15 feet of rock to install the utilities.

Safety has been the utmost priority with Nan and HART on the project. The project team has been working very hard with HART to ensure a safe project. We are very proud to note that we are currently 75% complete with the project and have had no lost time accidents. The project is currently forecast to be completed in September 2016.