Nan Chul Shin - Building the Future of Hawaii

Nan Chul Shin - Building the Future of Hawaii

A trusted name in the building industry, Nan, Inc. provides a wide array of professional construction services.

  • Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transit - Airport Section Utilities

    One exciting sector of work that Nan, Inc. has recently entered into is construction on Honolulu’s Rail Transit System. Nan, Inc. was awarded the Airport Section Utilities Project Contract on August 2014 for $28 million and construction began in January 2015. The project is to relocate utilities in preparation for the new guideway for the Airp…read more.
  • Nan, Inc. and Hawaii Food Bank

    Food and shelter are necessities that we all need to survive. Luckily, here in Hawaii we are fortunate to have a Hawaii Food Bank that is able to get much need supplies to families in need. Since 2008, Nan, Inc. has created an Annual Food Drive to bring in cash and food donations to the Hawaii Foodbank in order to assist local families in need…read more.
  • Nan, Inc. gives $1 million to Kapiolani Medical Center

    Kapiolani Medical Center is beacon of hope and love in the middle of Honolulu. This center provides much needed care to thousands of women and children each year. Without Kapiolani Medical Center, Honolulu residents would not have access to top notch health care and health related services. Nan, Inc. is a local company, which believes in givin…read more.
  • Nan, Inc. Largest Locally Owned General Contractor in Hawaii

    Hawaii takes pride in local companies, but no local company seems to have as much success as Nan, Inc. Last year Nan, Inc. founded by Nan Chul Shin, often called Patrick Shin, had its 25th birthday. Nan, Inc. started in 1990 with just Mr. Shin and one laborer. With a hard work ethic, ingenuity, and perseverance, Mr. Shin grew his business to t…read more.
  • Sherry Shin Writes About her Father, Nan Chul Shin, while Completing a Service Project

    Sherry Shin, daughter of Nan Chul Shin, founder of Nan, Inc. writes movingly about her experience with a service project in Cambodia to build additions to Bayon Middle School in Siem Reap, a city famous for the great temples of Angkor Wat. Sherry Shin movingly captures the experience of working with others for the greater good. Sherry Shin was…read more.
  • Short Biography of Nan Chul Shin

    Many know him as Patrick Shin, but he was born in South Korea as a Nan Chul Shin. Shin is the founder of Nan, Inc. one of the largest building companies in Hawaii. Nan Chul Shin, like many immigrants, asked to be called the more American friendly name of Patrick because he hoped to fit into the American landscape when he first moved to the Uni…read more.
  • St. Francis Healthcare Foundation Receives Donation $1 Million from Nan, Inc.

    Hospitals, healthcare centers, and nursing skilled facilities are important establishments in our community. They serve as a necessary hub for the entering and passing of life. Few people recognize this in a significant way until they are in need of hospital care or a loved one in need of 24-hour medical attention. When the population of a com…read more.
  • What Drives Nan, Inc.’s Business Founder Nan Chul Shin’s Generosity?

    Nan Chul Shin’s pledge to provide similar opportunities for others is clear. Nan, Inc. is one company that is hugely committed to giving back to the local Hawaiian community. Nan, Inc. supports the University of Hawaii, Kapiolani Medical Center, St. Francis HealthCare System of Hawaii, Hawaii Pacific University, and has donated to schools and …read more.